We strive to be able to achieve any request for content in the "GOBANKAN".

Please contact us without deciding that it is impossible.

We value individuality, make polite meetings, and pursue a convincing finish.


General style Yamato tableware, literary tableware, etc., will be the surface covering that has been transmitted since ancient times.

" Special HYOSO "

In keeping with the contemporary atmosphere and the image and needs of our customers.

We suggest individuality.


Buddha fixtures will do a majestic alms that fit the style.

The 88 Temples of Shikoku, 33 west Temples, Chichibu 34 Temples, Bando 33 Temples, etc.

Other than that, there are also the main axes of pilgrimage for pilgrimage throughout the country, such as  "Saikoku yakushi 49 "spirit place, Honen 25 personal ground, etc.

Keep in mind the polite dressing that is inherited for a long time.

" Square drawing paper KAKEJIKU, Piece of paper KAKEJIKU "

Simple square drawing paper KAKEJIKU and Piece of paper KAKEJIKU stuck to the material.

We can prepare souvenirs of event.

" Panel, framed "

Panel display and framing, panel arrangement, paste, change paste,

such as cosmetic tape finish,

we accept various display related work.

We will work with attention to details, from the selection of mats and mats to the design.

Backing, panel pasting after production of oversized art work which is difficult in other companies,

KAKEJIKU, storage, various work.

" Solo exhibition "

I work hard to embody the image of the author faithfully.

" Calligraphy exhibition "

We also accept group requests to suit your budget.

" Repair "

Repair of KAKEJIKU

Flood damage, submersion, scratching, storage degradation, dirt from use, etc.

We will look at the actual item and estimate each time.

" About budget "

Varies depending on the size, use, specifications (KIREJI) and features of the work.

We accept according to your budget.

" About delivery time "

We keep it around 30 days.

If you are in a hurry, we will try to meet your request.

" About payment"

It will be cash on delivery.

Please pay to the carrier.

It is okay if you come to the studio directly.

Paypal is available outside Japan.

" About the dirt of the work "

Common stains such as stains can be removed.

Molds that erode the work may be difficult.

It is possible to repair various conditions such as tears, breaks and holes.

Let me see the state, and based on the feelings and values,

We will make an accurate estimate of the purpose of restoration.



" Repair "